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ADM Pet Nutrition is part of ADM – so when you partner with us, you have access to all of the resources, expertise and ingredients from a world leader. Our pet nutrition experts leverage ADM’S influence to provide you with just the right solutions to meet today’s pet owners demands while ensuring unsurpassed safety and quality.

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premixes and blends.

  • Unmatched resources
  • Stringent tracking and quality assurance
  • Customized solutions

A fully integrated, single solutions partner = saving time + space + resources

ADM’S expansive portfolio of top-quality ingredients allows you to eliminate the complexity of sourcing ingredients and qualifying suppliers. Make ADM Pet Nutrition your trusted, strategic partner for developing all of your on-trend pet food and treat innovations.

Legacy Ingredients

We have developed the ingredient solutions that include everything from basic commodities to the carbohydrates, oils & fats and proteins that best meet your formula needs. We also meet the demands for dry yeast as well.

Specialty/Trend Ingredients

Our vast portfolio includes the perfect ingredient for novel, on-trend, clean-label recipes with everything from nuts, seeds, and dried fruits and vegetables to traditional grains, oilseeds and pulses. As ancient grain demands continue to rise, we continue to expand those offerings as well.

Flavor & Color Systems

Our sensory experts provide a wide palette of flavors and colors to create customized solutions that appeal to pets and their owners. Our Colors From Nature® line offers color solutions made from only the highest quality ingredients.

Your pet food partner

We have set the standard for unparalleled service and raised the bar when it comes to customer-first collaboration. ADM Pet Nutrition provides you with the answers you need.

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