Customizable premixes for today's demands and challenges.

Premixes and blends are the future of pet food manufacturing

With the ever-changing market dynamics that are resulting from increased regulations and consumer expectations, the need for quality custom premixes and blends continues to grow. At ADM, we provide the flowable blends to help solve your ingredient storage and production challenges to boost your overall productivity and profitability.

Save time, space and resources

Increase efficiencies by letting our experts procure, manage and blend ingredients.

Ensure quality

We utilize in-depth quality control measures to ensure the accuracy of each production batch.

Customize solutions

Turn your unique ideas into niche products by partnering with our expert team in the ideation and development plans.


Premixes to make manufacturing simpler, smoother and safer

ADM Pet Nutrition premixes combine concentrated and difficult-to-handle ingredients into a single flowable mixture to simplify storage and weighing. Our single, flowable blends solve many of your production challenges. With more than 400 ingredient options, you can rely on ADM’s manufacturing and nutrition expertise to produce a variety of custom blends, such as:

Vitamin Premixes

Simplify Manufacturing


State-of-the-Art Premix Facilities

Raising the bar in safe, traceable products

ADM Pet Nutrition has committed and invested more to being your ideal partner for providing safe, tops quality, customizable premixes and blends. Our industry-defining facilities provide:

Peace of mind for your ingredients

Select sourcing

Stringent tracking

Thorough monitoring

Extensive testing and quality assurance

Our state-of-the-art premix and blending facilities in Effingham, IL and Woodstock, ON are third-party certified facilities that manufacture thousands of pet-specific batches each year representing hundreds of customized formulas.

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