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New state-of-the-art Animal Nutrition Technology Center now open

As part of their commitment to help pet food manufacturers meet the latest industry trends, ADM recently opened the Animal Nutrition Technology Center in Decatur, IL. The state-of-the-art facility is built upon ADM’s legacy of innovation in Pet Nutrition. It offers capabilities to enhance customer collaborations and tailored product development. ADM has created a customer-centric environment focused on transforming knowledge into recognized customer value through the development of new capabilities and product offerings. The key capabilities include:

Pilot extrusion facility, equipped to run multiple small batches in a single day to assess ingredient functionality
Enzyme analysis lab to support the development of novel feed enzymes
Food evaluation laboratory with simulated digestion analyses

Pet food culinary kitchen, a customer-centric environment for interactive learning

People who want to tour the facility can check out the customer interface room and pet food culinary kitchen along with a feed evaluation laboratory and enzyme analysis laboratory. To schedule a visit, simply click here.
Read more about our facility here.

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